Frequently asked questions

1. Which functions does my smartphone need, so that the app is able to work properly?

Your smartphone needs a working camera to measure your inhalation, an audio speaker to analyze your breathing, and Wi-Fi access to synchronize your data. You can also use Kata offline and your data will be updated the next time you have wifi.

2. The contact form isn´t working. Who can help me with my questions?

To send us a request, you need to set up an email account on your smartphone and we will receive your message from that address.

Otherwise you can reach us also under this address: usersupport@kata-inhalation.com

3. I had to delete the app, are all my data gone now?

No, your data is saved. You can simply reinstall the app and log in with your previous account.

4. An error code was displayed. What should I do now?

It is best to send us the error code, because it helps us to locate your problem and then find a solution. The best way is to send us a message with the code via the contact button so that we can correct the error as quickly as possible.

5. I can no longer log into the app. Why?

Have you already checked that your email address and password are correct? If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. In a very rare case our server could be overloaded. This problem would be solved within minutes. Therefore just try again after 10 minutes. If none of these tips helped, you can reach us under this address: usersupport@kata-inhalation.com

6. My app isn´t starting anymore, what now?

It often helps to quickly uninstall and reinstall the app. Don’t worry you won’t lose your data, they will be saved during the installation.

7. The app reports a synchronization error, what do I do now?

Do you have access to the internet (mobile data or WLan)? The data can only be synchronized if you are connected to the internet. Please check again if this is the case.

In any case, the app will offer you to repeat the synchronization. If the repetition also fails, you will be suggested to send the error message to us. Then an email will automatically be sent to us containing all the important data we need for verification. You simply send it to us.

Attention: To send us a request, an e-mail account must be set up on your smartphone. You can read more about this in question 2.

8. My inhaler type cannot be found in the settings. Can I still use the app?

Currently, all “MDI” (Metered Dose Inhalor) models can be used to monitor the inhalation process. In addition, the inhalation training can also be performed with a Respimat. Currently we are working hard to make Kata applicable for other inhaler models as well.

But don’t worry, you can use all other functions of the app without a MDI inhalor. If you are using a DPI for example, the app is still useful. Kata will then make your inhalation therapy easier for you, e.g. by giving you an overview of your respiratory rate values. You can also use the pollen radar or the daily reminder of your inhalation.

9. I do not have a pulse oximeter or peak flow meter and can therefore not enter these parameters. Is that important?

The pulse oximeter helps you to determine the arterial oxygen saturation. The lung function is checked by a simple peak flow meter test. These values can be important to observe deterioration – especially for visits to the doctor these parameters can be helpful. So if you don’t have a pulse oximeter or peak flow meter, you could check with your doctor to see if this makes sense in your case.

Of course, Kata is also helpful for your inhalation therapy without entering these values.

10. What happens to my data?

We attach great importance to protect your data. It is safe with us and only used for your personal documentation in the app. We do not disclose any intimate data to third parties. For scientific purposes and for the continuous development of our algorithm we use anonymized data, feedback etc. without any allocation of a user.

You can find more detailed information in our privacy policy.

11. What happens if I delete my account?

No, all your data will be deleted after the deactivation of your account and will not be saved anywhere.

12. Why do I have to register?

A registration is necessary, so that we can offer you a personally tailored support for your inhalation therapy.

13. Kata asked me to do an update. What happens then? Does the app still work without an update?

The app still works without updating. We are a young company that has many different ideas to facilitate therapy. That’s why we’re always working on new features that can improve the user experience. For this reason, it is recommended to carry out updates so that you can use the latest, problem-free version. Our updates always describe which changes have been made.

14. I have a tablet/ipad, does Kata work there too?

Unfortunately Kata only works with smartphones. Tablets or I-pads can´t use the current version of Kata.

15. Which Android/iOS versions are supported by the new app version?

The latest version of Kata® supports all Android operating systems from version 6.0 (Marsmallow) and for Apple all versions from iOS 10. You can find out which version your own smartphone has under your settings. The smartphones used for Kata® should also not be older than three years. For Apple devices, this includes, for example, all iPhone 8 or newer. This information and the app’s range of functions are constantly being expanded. If you want to stay up to date, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 867249.

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