Kata® on prescription

Inhalation App raises therapy standard for respiratory diseases

With the “Kata®” app, patients and pneumologists are provided with an innovative inhalation assistant that reduces the amount of treatment required for chronic respiratory diseases and improves patient care in the long term. Installed on patients’ smartphones, it reduces application errors with inhalers and improves the success of therapy.

The first app for inhalation therapy on prescription

Kata® is the ideal support for a continuous therapy overview. The app documents the patient’s applications and health data and allows him to export the data for sharing with the doctor.

With the coming into effect of the German Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz (DVG) on December 19, 2019, the “App on prescription” for patients was introduced into German health care. This means that approximately 73 million people insured in the German statutory health insurance (GKV) have a right to be provided with digital health applications (DiGA), which can be prescribed by doctors and psychotherapists and are reimbursed by the local health insurance companies.

Kata® was one of the first health apps to achieve the Europe-wide CE marking for digital medical products. It is therefore qualified for the approval procedure in Germany.

Prescribing an app?

How it works

1. Prescription

Prescription of the DiGa Kata by the treating doctor or physiotherapist.

2. App download

Easy app download from the App Store. Activation is expected to take place via a recipe code within the app.

3. Inhalation process

Using the video and audio capabilities of the smartphone, Kata® monitors the handling of the inhaler during inhalation. The app guides the patient and helps to prepare the inhalation device correctly from the beginning and to operate it correctly during inhalation to inhale efficiently.

4. Feedback

A specially developed, automatic algorithm evaluates the inhalation maneuver and gives immediate feedback to the patient about what went well and what he can still work on.

5. Health history

The patient can access this data again and again and also share it with his doctor. This gives you an overview of the patient’s entire health history and allows you to recognize and react to fluctuations between visits to the doctor. The anonymity of the personal data and the DSGVO-compliant data structure are guaranteed.

6. Reminder

Kata® reminds the patients according to individual settings to take their medication in time to increase the adherence to the therapy.

Practice Package now available for reservation

We support pneumologists and general practitioners in the introduction and implementation of DiGAs in their practice so that they have as little further work and time as possible. As soon as prescriptions for the app are legally regulated and the first DiGAs are listed, it’s go time. We have put together a comprehensive set of information and will be happy to advise you on the subject. Of course, we also offer inhalation therapy training for you and your practice staff. Write to us using the contact form or simply send us an e-mail at praxis@vistionhealth.gmbh – we will be happy to contact you.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 867249.

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