Inhale right, live better

The health app Kata® enables a more effective use of inhalers and thus helps patients to improve their treatment, become more stable and increase their quality of life.

Brand new treatment solution for chronic respiratory diseases

The new health app called Kata was developed specifically for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases. With the help of artificial intelligence, an authoritative improvement in the inhalation treatment of pneumological diseases has been achieved for the first time worldwide.

The smart inhalation assistant Kata®

The health app, installed on the smartphone, shows users how to inhale correctly in a simple and understandable way. In addition, the app reminds users to inhale and assesses whether they have completed the individual steps of their inhalation process in such a way that the active substance is released into the lungs in the best possible way. Kata reports in text and pictures how successful an inhalation application was and documents the user’s behaviour. The data is processed anonymously and the data protection of the app is of course compliant to the European DSGVO.

Digital and sustainable

Digital technologies help patients to improve the handling of all common inhalation devices as part of their inhalation therapy. The administration of active substances or drugs can be significantly optimized and treatment and therapy successes improved [1], [2]. Respiratory therapies are now much easier and more effective for patients.

Respiration for millions of patients

Kata® could support the therapy of about 600 million patients with chronic respiratory diseases worldwide [10], [11], [12]. In Germany alone, it is possible to let about 8.9 million lung patients benefit from a higher quality of treatment through Kata®. The current plight of patients with respiratory diseases due to the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates the importance of supporting the treatment of vulnerable patients with innovative technologies.

  • The therapeutic potential of Kata® is very high for a large number of patients with asthma or COPD. The Kata® technology is based on many years of experience and deep knowledge of the frequent application errors of patients. This is where App Kata® can offer real added value for patients, relatives and treating physicians. Digital therapy support will become increasingly important in the healthcare sector in the future and will soon be part of everyday practice and clinical routine. VisionHealth has recognized this need and has put together an outstanding team that can contribute its profound experience in respiratory diseases, existing therapy approaches and industry.

    Dr. Georg Matheis
    Dr. Georg Matheis Physician and entrepreneur
  • When I heard about VisionHealth and Kata, I immediately became curious. Since I then tried the app, I don't want to miss it anymore. I have a much better quality of life than before! I am an enthusiastic biker and don't have to do without it, as long as I do lung exercises and take medication courageously. Like a good friend, Kata reminds me and measures how successful I used my spray.

    Frank Hennemann
    Frank Hennemann Motorcyclist and patient with Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency

Kata® as digital medical device

Far more than the usual lifestyle app

Kata® is a Class I medical device. The label is also a clear seal of quality for us. In the rapidly growing market of health apps, Kata® is now one of less than one percent labeled as a medical device [13]. With this, VisionHealth distinguishes its digital health solution very strongly from the usual lifestyle apps.

News about lungs and health

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Compatible inhaler types for Kata®

Kata® for MDIs

Right from the start, the health application Kata® supports the Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI). Did you know that 60% [14] of all inhaled patients use such a metered dose inhaler? These are sprays in which the active ingredient is stored together with the propellant in a pressure vessel. When this container is pressed down, the spray is released.

Kata® for Respimat

The Respimat is the first of many inhaler types to be added, and can now also be used for the smart inhalation trainer. It produces a fine, long-lasting and slowly spreading spray cloud. This is triggered without propellant or electrical energy. The active ingredient of the Respimat is contained in a cartridge.

In order to guarantee efficient inhalation, Kata® shows in a step-by-step guide how the optimal preparation and execution of the inhalation should look like. This makes respiratory therapies much easier and more effective for patients, as the administration of medication can be significantly optimised.


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    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 867249.

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